Websense misses EPS

  Websense managed to stink up earnings.  EPS posted was $0.35 actual vs. $0.38 estimated.  Websense lost about 15% after earnings were announced.   The earnings call discussed “the new normal” of attacks being persistent and the “bad guys” wanting our corporate crown jewels.  Fundamentally, we can assume that their sales and marketing force will […]

Why We Don’t Need An AntiSec Hunt

Opinion Piece: A business perspective on the #AntiSec movement from a libertarian and economic viewpoint touched by Asian “Tiger Culture”.   PayPal Chief Security Officer, Michael Barrett, has called on industry and government to track down and punish the individuals involved.  "They can be found, and for the continued safety of the internet, we must […]

Using Family Limited Partnerships To Strengthen Your Clan

Family Limited Partnerships (FLIP) are a fast growing trend for protecting wealth.  A limited partnership is a partnership that includes at least one general partner and a limited partner.  Both partners contribute financially and share the profits.  General partners actively manage the company, accepting unlimited liability for debts while limited partners do not actively manage […]