Refusing To Hire Black Hats May Be Risky And Costly

The topic of hiring reformed Black Hats continues to be a matter of debate.  Some believe that ‘You’re shooting yourself in the foot if you’re not willing to hire a hacker’ while others believe such an idea is preposterous because it is not possible to reform any person who has been convicted.  Others may believe it simply […]

Entertainment Industry Wants Rootkts, Ransomware, and More

In an interesting piece at Boing Boing, the entertainment industry wants a piece of the APT action.  The report from the Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property, coincidentally copyright 2013 by The National Bureau of Asian Research, proposes taking rights management software to the next level.  Not only can one restrict who can […]

Security and Privacy are Dead and Nobody Cares

  A casual observation of investor confidence after an infosec breach.   One of the issues that security and privacy professionals discuss with our clients is the potential loss of customer confidence if confidential information is compromised.  The responses this concern vary across industry and business size. The controls implemented would vary based on the […]

Improve Security & Privacy, and Protect Your Patrons by Reducing Security

    The Seattle Times has an interesting story about the King County Library System removing their security cameras.  This is an excellent case study to illustrate that more security equipment does not always lead to better security.  The case stems from an incident where a patron was mugged in the parking lot.  The Des […]

Protecting Your Cellphone Privacy

The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that the contents of your cellphone is private information and authorities can not browse your mobile device without a warrant.  This is great news for the American People.   The Ohio Supreme Court ruled this month, by a 4-to-3 vote, that the search violated the Fourth Amendment’s protection against […]