Green Energy Deployment Needs Resiliency Just Like Information Security

    Christopher Mims has a great piece at Grist on the state of Germany’s photo voltaic(PV) system compared to Japan’s Fukushima nuclear complex.  We can skip over the math arguments that the PV system in Germany is 20% more efficient than Fukushima at the height of the day.  The point now is that Fukushima […]

Democracy in the Middle East Bad For Your Portfolio?

  A colleague mentioned that they overheard someone ranting about the people in the middle east rioting.  Apparently this person’s portfolio was taking a beating because of all the uncertainty there.  There are many ethical issues at play with this approach. Should we cheer for the dictator to protect our portfolio as well as their […]

Boosting The Economy With Sunday Alcohol Sales

There has been some discussion of legalizing Sunday alcohol sales in Georgia to boost revenue to the state.  Instead of boosting revenue to the state with alcohol, let’s take a look at how alcohol can boost our revenue.  Here are some well known alcohol companies.   TAP Molson Coors Brewing Co   BUD Anheuser-Busch Inbev […]

GMail Disruption Loses Thousands of Accounts

CNN is reporting that a disruption at Google may have caused the loss of 150,000 GMail accounts.  Google is working on restoring the email, but one user in the help forum asks, “What if the cloud fails”? Most home users have been using “the cloud” since the 1990s via hotmail or through email hosted by […]