Legalizing Retaliation is the Answer to Cyber Attacks

Ellen Messmer at Network World poses the controversial question as to whether cyber retaliation is justified to thwart cyber attacks.  Most information security professionals will agree that it is illegal to counter attack, but should it be?  We are not asking the question of the ethics of cyber self-defense , but questioning current legislation.  The […]

Security Pros Should Get Into The Cloud in 2011

ReadWriteWeb has a short but peppy write up on 2011 resolutions for SMBs to get serious about security.  The standard AV/endpoint topics are discussed, but also the need to get serious about cloud computing.  In a recent Global Information Security Workforce Study done by (ISC)2 and Frost & Sullivan, 73% of surveyed (ISC)2 professionals believe […]

How The Rich Create Jobs

After hearing a caller on Sean Hannity’s show profess that the rich never create jobs, I began to think about how this applies to the younger generation.  Being born into Generation X gives one an interesting vantage point.  We were born after the Baby Boomers and entered the work force knowing that layoffs are normal. […]