RINO Class Action Lawsuit Deadline

  The environmental remediation company RINO International Corporation has been delisted due to some questionable business practices.  RINO had a recent peak of around $20 near the beginning of November and dropped like a rock since then.  If you were an owner of RINO between May 28, 2008 and Nov 17, 2010 you have until […]

DLP and ERM Sought By Military

In our last set of trade ideas, Trading on Fear with WikiLeaks, we had picked a few equities in the DLP and ERM space that might be interesting plays for the government sector.  Currently the military is using something called Host Based Security System for endpoint protection.  Apparently HBSS is a McAfee product that may […]

Military Implements Removable Media Policies

The military has implemented a new policy stating removable media can not be used on SIPRNET computers.  While this may seem like a good thing the implementation may be lacking.  The private sector has warned of the exposure caused by removable media for years.  From a practical stand point banning all removable media is nothing […]

Trading on Fear with WikiLeaks

In a previous post I had discussed how security professionals can benefit from WikiLeaks.  Today we we will take a look at how the security industry can benefit from WikiLeaks.  Physical security procedures can help prevent sensitive data from  leaving a secure facility; however, tracking and auditing your data is equally important.  The category of […]

WikiLeaks Good For Security & Securtiy Professionals

The Tao Te Ching brings us Yin and Yang, two opposites that are a part of the ever changing universe.  The misfortunes of the State Department (Yin) can be transformed into a victory for the security profession (Yang).  Or to simply put it, when life gives someone else lemons, you take their lemons and make […]