Green Energy Deployment Needs Resiliency Just Like Information Security

    Christopher Mims has a great piece at Grist on the state of Germany’s photo voltaic(PV) system compared to Japan’s Fukushima nuclear complex.  We can skip over the math arguments that the PV system in Germany is 20% more efficient than Fukushima at the height of the day.  The point now is that Fukushima […]

RINO Class Action Lawsuit Deadline

  The environmental remediation company RINO International Corporation has been delisted due to some questionable business practices.  RINO had a recent peak of around $20 near the beginning of November and dropped like a rock since then.  If you were an owner of RINO between May 28, 2008 and Nov 17, 2010 you have until […]

RINO Environmental Remediation Repeat Play

RINO International Corporation is in the business of environmental remediation, or to more simply put it they make technologies to clean up the environment.  If you have a green focus then this company might be a good bet.  RINO is based in China and caters to the Chinese market.  Their two main specialties include industrial […]

High Speed Rail not the Solution

Today on Hardball with Chris Matthews, Jim Cramer and Robert Reich discussed unemployment and getting the economy back on track.  Matthews eventually brought up the idea that America should make a large capital investment and amortize it over a very long time.  He then proceeded to pitch high speed commuter rail as the solution because […]

Biodiesel Producers Lose Tax Credit

Biodiesel manufacturers will have to make serious cut backs in 2010.  A $1/Gallon tax credit for manufacturers of biodiesel expired January 1.  The House of Representatives voted to extend the tax credit, but the US Senate was not able to come to consensus on extending the tax breaks for American business.    There are approximately 180 […]