RGR At Resistance

RGR has encountered multiple tops near 52.00.  Support is near 44.00.  It moved outside the two standard deviation Bollinger Band after earnings and appears to be reverting to the mean.  Projection Bands and the Projection Oscillator are indicating overbought for now.  Fundamentals suggest that sales will continue to be high for the next 4 years.  After RGR pulls back and consolidates it will most likely move higher.  The Dec 45/40 Bull Put Spread is currently trading for .80.  Setting a Limit order for 1.45 should enter around 46 or 1.75 for an entry around 45.



PFE Loses Lipitor

PFE is having some problems.  In the news, they are suffering from losing Lipitor exclusivity.  We discovered this one from running a Scan searching for below lower 2STDEV BolingerBand and an oversold Slow Stochastic.  On further examination the DMI negative has crossed above the DMI positive and the Money Flow is still pointing down.    For now this continues to look bearish.  The trade selected is a an ATM  Put Calendar. Front month Vol is 2% higher than the back month.  Not a huge difference, but usable.  The trade also allows for a roll into a Dec Vertical.

BOT +3 CALENDAR PFE 100 DEC 12/NOV 12 24 PUT @.26