The Coming Financial Insurance Infosec Polar Vortex Storm Cloud

Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) is such an amazing tool for communicating and sharing ideas.   @Wh1t3Rabbit  @DFIR_Janitor @_sw17ch and I had some discussions regarding a topic that I have been discussing with @chriscarpinello for some time.  The great topic of Cyberinsurance!  The most recent article to kick off a lively discussion was published by ZDNet: Police can’t stop cybercriminals, but […]

Don’t Invest Through Life Insurance

  In China there is a trend of taking out a universal life (UL) insurance policy on newborn children as an investment vehicle. UL policies are a combination of life insurance and savings.  Essentially the policy holder pays for life insurance and then some.  The money that does not go toward the insurance premium becomes […]

Using Family Limited Partnerships To Strengthen Your Clan

Family Limited Partnerships (FLIP) are a fast growing trend for protecting wealth.  A limited partnership is a partnership that includes at least one general partner and a limited partner.  Both partners contribute financially and share the profits.  General partners actively manage the company, accepting unlimited liability for debts while limited partners do not actively manage […]