DLP and ERM Sought By Military

In our last set of trade ideas, Trading on Fear with WikiLeaks, we had picked a few equities in the DLP and ERM space that might be interesting plays for the government sector.  Currently the military is using something called Host Based Security System for endpoint protection.  Apparently HBSS is a McAfee product that may have been slightly customized.  The contract for end point protection was awarded in 2006 so it is understandable that they are looking for better solutions.  There is a deployment of Bivio Networks appliances for Deep Packet Inspection (DPS) at certain sensitive locations on the network.  Clearly the military is moving in the right direction and it is logical that they will eventually purchase some form of host based DLP agent.  When the request for bid proposals is released our picks might be a growth opportunity.  Other governments will also be seeking to secure themselves against any leaks in the future so this can present itself as a growth opportunity as well.   Bivio Networks is privately held; however, they are partially owned by Goldman Sachs(GS).  Much like buying Intel to get exposure to McAfee, buying some of the big finance houses is a way to get exposure to the security space while being fairly diversified.

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